Upcoming Event

 The Summer Solstice (known in Wales as Gŵyl Ifan Ganol Haf, or Saint John's of Midsummer) has been celebrated by many cultures throughout the world for countless years as the beginning of the beginning of Summer - when the days are long, the weather is warm, and spirits are high.

As one of UETCS's largest events of the year, you can be sure there is fun to be had for the entire family! From craft and food vendors and clan representatives to live entertainment, there will be a great deal of activities throughout the day. We will have an archery competition alongside an ax, knife, and spear throwing competition. All of this and more for an entry fee of only $5.00!

Our third Scottish heavy athletics clinic will take place in conjunction with this event. These clinics are free of charge and are both instructional and hands-on clinics to help prepare for our officially sanctioned, judged Scottish heavy athletics competitions later in the year. This will be the final free clinic before the official competitive events begin. 

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